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2024 Euro Cup Round of 16 Schedule

These are the round of 16 matches of the UEFA 2024 Euro Cup being held in Germany. Switzerland, Germany, England, and Spain are already in the quarterfinals. Italy, Denmark, Slovakia, and Georgia have been eliminated.

Game 1: Switzerland 2-0 Italy
Game 2Germany 2-0 Denmark
Game 3
: England 2-1 Slovakia
Game 4Spain 4-1 Georgia
Game 5: France vs Belgium - Monday, July 2
Game 6: Portugal vs Slovenia - Monday, July 2
Game 7: Romania vs Netherlands - Tuesday, July 3
Game 8: Austria vs Türkiye - Tuesday, July 3

2024 Euro Cup Group Standings

Group A

As expected, the hosts Germany led the group unbeaten. The Swiss qualified in second place. Scotland came in strong but finished the tournament without any victories, while Hungary did not qualify among the best third-placed teams due to goal difference.

1- Germany (7 points) - qualified
2- Switzerland (5 points) - qualified
3- Hungary (3 points) - eliminated
4- Scotland (1 point) - eliminated

Group B

Spain won all their three matches in the 2024 Euro Cup group stage and smoothly advanced to the round of 16. The drama was in the fight for the second place, where Italy drew against Croatia in the last minute to secure a ticket to the next round. Luka Modric's team was eliminated without any victories.

1- Spain (9 points) - qualified
2- Italy (4 points) - qualified
3- Croatia (2 points) - eliminated
4- Albania (1 point) - eliminated

Group C

In this group, there was only one match that didn't end in a draw: England's 1-0 victory over Serbia in the first matchday. Denmark secured second place by a slight margin over Slovenia, which also qualified as one of the best third-placed teams.

1- England (5 points) - qualified
2- Denmark (3 points) - qualified
3- Slovenia (3 points) - qualified
4- Serbia (2 points) - eliminated

Group D

Austria surprised by finishing as the leader of a group that included World Cup runners-up France and a top-tier national team like the Netherlands.

1- Austria (6 points) - qualified
2- France (5 points) - qualified
3- Netherlands (4 points) - qualified
4- Poland (1 point) - eliminated

Group E

All the teams in this group ended with the same points, so the tiebreaker was goal difference. Romania finished as the leader by having more goals scored than the others squads.

1- Romania (4 points) - qualified
2- Belgium (4 points) - qualified
3- Slovakia (4 points) - qualified
4- Ukraine (4 points) - eliminated

Group F

Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal finished at the top of the group, while Georgia secured a spot as one of the best third-placed teams.

1- Portugal (6 points) - qualified
2- Türkiye (6 points) - qualified
3- Georgia (4 points) - qualified
4- Czechia (1 point) - eliminated

2024 Euro Cup top scorer

Jamal Musiala from Germany is the top scorer of the 2024 Euro Cup with three goals. The German forward scored all his goals with his right leg, netting against Scotland, Hungary, and Denmark.

2024 Euro Cup Stats

  • In the 2024 Euro Cup group stage, a total of 81 goals were scored, averaging 2.25 goals per match
  • The game period with the most goals scored was between the 16th and 30th minutes
  • Germany scored the most goals as a team (8)
  • Only two teams had players sent off: Czechia (2) and Scotland
  • Austria committed the most fouls with 49
  • Germany had the most attempts on goal with 57 (19 on target)

A fun fact: The own goals

There have been 9 own goals in 36 matches in the 2024 Euro Cup so far, which means there has been one every four games.

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